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What is "Gallery Maker"?
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Screenshot    The purpose of this software - creation virtual picture galleries, museums, catalogs, presentation and foto- or image-albums on the HTML basis or thumbnails generation (with differents F/X).
   While surfing web you can find many galleries which not always have a good design. Of course, creating a picture gallery is a hard and time-consuming work, so try out my program and find put that it delivers you professional tools at a minimum expense.
   The program is intended for the advanced users, which know HTML, since logic of the program is based on fragments of a HTML-code from which all HTML-pages are created, and "variables" - instead of which the program automatically inserts concrete values.

Main features:

  • Supported source formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIFF, PIC, PNG and more ...
  • Special "Image processor" for creation the excellent Thumb- and Shell-images
  • Generation the next types of HTML-pages: "Table", "Image Shell", "Main Index" and "Local Index" on templates basis
  • Types of addressing: "Absolute" (HDD / WEB) and "Relative" (HDD / WEB)
  • Types of navigation: "Button" and "Text"
  • The internal generator for the "Main" and "Local" CSV-files
  • Advanced filters for Include / Exclude files in the gallery: "by Name", "by Date", "by Size" and "by Attributes".
  • Triggers for auto-mark the files and directories: "by Name", "by Date", "by Size" and "by Attributes".
  • Supported the next methods of sorting images in the gallery: "Name", "Data", "Size" and "user defined"
  • Supported the next methods of sorting directories in the gallery: "Name", "Data" and "user defined"
  • Powerful system of generation the names of output files
  • Unique technology "ThumbFrame"
  • Automatic insert and recode comment for images from external files into "Table" and "Image Shell" pages
  • Individual local project and HTML-templates for any subdirectory
  • User-defined variables
  • Mechanism of "special functions" for universality increasing
  • The English / Russian / German / Dutch / Spanish interface
  • Detailed log
  • ... and much more ...

System requirements:
P-133, RAM 16 Mb, HDD 5Mb, Win9x/NT4/Me/2k

Copyright © Sergey Antoshin, 1999-2003, Russia.