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What is "Gallery Maker"?
"GM" Gallery hall
  This software consists from some different modules:

Module name Current version Module file Abbreviated
Gallery Maker kernel 3.7b gm.dll GM-Kernel
Gallery Maker shell 3.7b gm.exe GM-Shell
Image Processor kernel 0.92 ip.dll IP-Kernel
Image Processor shell 0.92 ip.exe IP-Shell
Image List Maker 1.7 ilm.exe ILM
JPEG Comment Editor 1.3 jce.exe JCE
Localizator 1.2 local.exe LOC
CRC32 Calculator 1.5 crc32.exe crc32

Gallery Maker kernel

   Very important and central part of this software. Generates output HTML-pages and CSV-files. Please read the original documentation inside archive for details (lvlhgmXX.zip/Doc/GM_Eng.htm).

Gallery Maker shell

   This is light shell are intended for running and observation the process of generations of gallery. Simple to load your project and run (check) it.
   Note: Don't work without GM-kernel!

Image Processor kernel

   Universal graphic kernel. Called from GM-Kernel for processing the source images.

Image Processor shell

   Shell subsystem for IP-Kernel.
   Detailed english description coming soon.
   Note: Don't work without IP-kernel!

Image List Maker

   This special utility will help you to create "Images List". Only images from this list will be included into gallery at order that they are listed in this file. And second purpose - creation the "ThumbFrame" coordinates.
   "ThumbFrame" is a rectangular area on the source image. Only this fragment of the source image will is used for creation a thumbnail. Thus you can create thumbnail on which is represented only small, but most important, fragment of source image.

JPEG Comment Editor

   This utility is developed for direct editing the commentaries inside JPEG-files. Has two modes of working - batch (console) and manual (GUI) mode.


   This small program is intended for editing the text resources for creation the localized versions of software. Any software which is kept messages inside standard .ini-files are supported. You may simultaneously edit the original LM and up to five other LM, of course, if you polyglot ;)

CRC32 Calculator

   Small console application for calculation CRC32 (wildcards and subdirectories scan are supported).    CRC-32 is an acronym for the 32 bit Cyclical Redundancy Check algorithm. CRC-32 generally refers to a specific 32 bit CRC formula sanctioned by the CCITT, an international standards body primarily concerned with telecommunications. CRC-32 is used to verify the integrity of blocks of data.

  Note: Full documentation for all modules contains inside archive "lvlhgmXX.zip". Goto download section if you want get it.

Copyright © Sergey Antoshin, 1999-2003, Russia.